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Sunday, 6 August 2017

How to Add Facebook Popup Like Box Widget For Blogger

Facebook Popup Like Box Widget For Blogger

Sharing site content using a Facebook Like Box is just one of many strategies that can generate a regular flow of traffic from a diverse demographic that might have been previously inaccessible. Adding a Facebook Like Box to your site helps to reduces your individual workload, and instead distributes that ability equally among your readers.

                                                      Click here for a DEMO

How to Add the Facebook Popup Like Box Widget

1. Log into your Blogger account and select your blog > go to 'Layout' & click the 'Add a Gadget' link on the right side.

2. Once the popup window is open, select the HTML/JavaScript gadget from the list:

3. Copy and paste the following code inside the empty box:
4. Press the 'Save' button to add the widget to your blog. That's it!

Facebook Popup Like Box Customization

After adding the code, replace the address in blue with your site's facebook page URL.

The widget will appear 5 seconds after the page finishes loading. If you want to change this delay, change the number 5000 to a greater or lesser number in this part:
By default, the like box only shows up the first time the user visits your page.  If you would like the Facebook box to popup every time the page loads, then remove this line of code:
 $.cookie('popup_facebook_box', 'yes', { path: '/', expires: 7 }); 
If you want to display only when user visits your homepage, go to 'Template' > hit the 'Edit HTML' button on the right side and search by clicking anywhere inside the code area and pressing the CTRL + F keys for this tag:
Paste the facebook popup widget right above the body tag and make sure to include the conditional tags below:
After saving this widget, you can test it out by returning to one of your old posts which should bring up a little popup widget asking if you'd like to join the site's Facebook page.

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